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Your stay in one of our original lodgings in Brittany

Special Family Surprise on Tuesdays

Discover our family friendly cabins from 100€

We decided to surprise the families on Tuesdays at Hebergements de Quenecan!

Gain a unique experience with your family at stay a night in one of our cabins either hidden in the brancher or on piles next to the beautiful lake of Fourneau.

On Wednesday morning, take part in an adventurous treasure hunt with your children and find the treasure in the magical Quenecan Forest! Our elves have made prize disappear so you have to be vigilant!

Find out more about the offer in the 'Special Offers' section!

stag deer

Discover the deers' belling!

Charmed by nature, explore new experiences: Stay in one of our cabins either hidden in the branches or on piles next to the impressive lake of Fourneau and Discover the deers' belling!

Once a year, the deers reveal themselves from the mysterious discretion and try to seduce the females. This happens from the middle of September until the beginning of October that you can hear their unique shouts which comes from the heart of the Quenecan Forest!


Our Cabins

Cabins in the branches

Set up on oaks that are more than 100 years old, the cabins are easily approachable through the wooden footwalks.

Hidden in the branches of oaks in 8m or even higher, no worries about the view!

Explore the cabins!

Cabins on piles

On piles, at the Fourneau lake's edge (12 hectares), the cabins provide you a breathtaking view and the amazing sound of birds of the Quenecan Forest!

Explore the cabins!

A special setting

In the centre of the impressive Quenecan Forest, we invite you to enjoy the breathtaking view the unique setting of our lodgings provide.



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Accessible for guests with disability as well

Some of our cabins such as 'Bon Repos' are standing on piles in the water, thus they are accessible for those with a disability as well.


Family friendly environment

Alone or with 2 children, your childhood dreams shall come true!

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On board for a new adventure!

In the heart of the immense Quenecan Forest, by the edge of a lake and the historical medieval village of 'Les Forges des Salles'. Benefit from the calm setting and take a peaceful moment for yourself to resurrect and reload your energies. Depart on a new adventure in order to explore hidden places and uncover the essence of this beautiful place.

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